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Bittrex and Poloniex are two of the most prominent digital currency exchanges offered today, especially for their Bitcoin to alternative (altcoin) trade-pairing options.

Bittrex and Poloniex are two of the market leader and both of these exchanges are well respected. They share some similarities as well as distinctions.

In this Bittrex versus Poloniex review, we’ll discuss every little thing from the key features of each exchange, their resemblances and also differences, who and what each exchange is finest matched for, as well as extra.

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Bittrex vs. Poloniex: Key Information

Whatever path led you to seeking out either of these exchanges, something is clear– they exchange dozens of various altcoins, not simply the common BTC and also ETH, however many brand-new, up and coming cryptos such as Litecoin, Dash, GOLEM, Ripple, and also several others.

These altcoins could be gotten from a selection of exchanges throughout the internet. A couple of quick searches on Reddit or Google for the best altcoin exchanges will always contain two of the undisputed market leaders– Poloniex as well as Bittrex.

It’s important to note that neither of these 2 exchanges approves fiat currency (EUR, USD and so on) trading, deposits, or withdrawals. These two platforms solely handle cryptocurrency.


The Court of Public Opinion

The public normally sights both Poloniex and Bittrex favorably. Both these systems do produce their fair share of grievances.

Numerous individuals primarily complain about how the Poloniex customer assistance has taken weeks or occasionally also months to react to sustain tickets, which can be unbelievably irritating. I need to state that it is disappointing that numerous first-time users were ushered right into the crypto-world with such a negative first impression.

On the various other hand, Bittrex likewise obtains a good quantity of criticism for its customer care. However, this quantity is far less than that of Poloniex.


Initial impression is whatever when it comes to places you plan on trading your hard-earned loan. That’s the reason both Poloniex and Bittrex have actually exceeded and also past to guarantee their sites are additionally cosmetically appealing to the end-user.

When I chose my initial altcoin exchange, I was actually between picking either Poloniex or Bittrex, finally making my choice based upon which site looked a lot more expert. Though it does not have the sexy “large bank” web page, Poloniex has a really great, basic, and also clean interface. Poloniex boasts a really fundamental, database-esque appearance that gives it some added weight from the start, as well as these qualities really appear in the layout as well as functionality of the trading side, though practically as well basic sometimes.

Discovering the web page that shows your equilibriums as well as different purses is a pair of clicks deep, under the “Deposit/Withdraw” web page. This is certainly not the starting point one would certainly believe to look.

On the various other hand, when you first go to Bittrex it virtually makes you seem like you arrived on the incorrect website. The homepage reminds you of a basic WordPress blog site that simply occurs to have a “Login” button discreetly put in the navigating bar. If you’re curious to read anything detailed about the exchange, see screenshots, or do any type of research study– best of luck. You’ll need to first make an account in order to do any of these things.

Nonetheless, the logged-in view of Bittrex totally contrasts the previously mentioned layout. Packed with a fluid user interface as well as active tickers, the Bittrex exchange definitely really feels better developed and also I discover it to be more intuitive than Poloniex. The coin web pages themselves additionally include a myriad of devices for even more technical research study, and also that they show costs in USD is actually helpful for me since Bitcoin costs tend to rise and fall hugely.

Try them both to see which one is much better for you. Nevertheless, ultimately, I ‘d need to state Bittrex takes the win in this classification.


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Readily available Currencies

When trading altcoins, the best returns (most of the times) will certainly originate from the little market cap coins which are just traded on one or two exchanges. Fortunately, both Bittrex as well as Poloniex offer a large choice of coins to choose from, and as an increasing number of tokens come out, both exchanges get them up rather swiftly. This might wind up for better or even worse depending on your self-confidence and spontaneity.

Poloniex is currently providing 99 various altcoins (at the time of writing this post), with the leading 20 (by 24 hr volume) as complies with:

96 altcoin alternatives may be more than you ever before need. Bittrex provides an astonishing 270 trading sets at the time of writing this write-up, with the top 20 (by 24 hr volume) shown listed below:

As you can see, both Bittrex and also Poloniex are two of the very best exchanges for getting access to a majority of cryptocurrencies currently available in the marketplace. Bittrex most definitely takes the win right here in terms of variety of coins available to trade on the exchange solely due to the versatility of scooping up small-cap altcoins as well as freshly released ICOs.

It’s additionally important to note that neither exchange enables the exchange of fiat for cryptocurrency, which is an aggravation that numerous individuals have had to fill by using an additional exchange such as GDAX or Coinbase.


In regards to charges, both systems vary slightly in terms of structure. These minute distinctions will hardly be recognizable for the small-time investor. Nevertheless, even the portions of percent could make a difference for massive financiers and day investors.

On Bittrex, compensation fees are easy as well as really straightforward, however much more expensive compared to on Poloniex. All professions have a 0.25% payment– no matter just how much you trade from either a volume or frequency viewpoint, neither whether you “make” a brand-new order or “take” an existing order off guides. This attribute is useful for those individuals that wish to buy coins rapidly and they don’t wish to be interested in whether a quickly market cost beating their limitation rate will certainly cost them an added 0.10% on their profession.

Initially glimpse, the charge structure for Poloniex shows up a little extra difficult, up until you actually begin to read right into it:

Poloniex will certainly determine the last 30 days of trading quantity on your account (spot and also margin incorporate) every 24 hours. Then, it will dynamically change your costs according to the above routine. Nonetheless, to receive lower charges, you ‘d need to be trading greater than 600 BTC well worth of quantity.

If you’re not familiar with the maker and also taker terminology, do not stress. They’re exactly how they sound. If you “make” an order by supplying to buy a coin at a lower market value than the lowest “ask” price, it theoretically would not fill promptly and you would only pay a 0.15% payment when it did.

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On the other hand, if you “take” an order off the books, your order needs to fill up instantly and you would be charged 0.25%. For every single taker of an order, there was a manufacturer of that order. This implies that Poloniex is technically making 0.40% compensation per full profession.

Safety and security

Both Poloniex as well as Bittrex were both formed as well as operated in the United States (just like much of the present preferred exchanges). This enhances the probability of higher quality assistance, as well as it likewise includes the added reassurance that these exchanges go through US legislations as well as security by the lawful system. Both systems have positioned a high top priority on safeguarding your digital possessions with numerous methods due to the fact that of this.


Bittrex was started in 2014 by Ryan Hentz, Rami Kawach, Richie Lai, and also Bill Shihara– 4 previous safety professionals with more than 50 years of combined experience. In terms of storing your coins, they likewise make use of something called an “elastic multi-stage wallet approach” which enables them to store virtually 90% of the exchange’s coins offline.

Lots of individuals, including experienced Reddit contributors, still think that Poloniex is the much better option in numerous concerns. With that stated, in 2014 Poloniex was hacked as well as however the assailants made way with 97 BTC. Bitcoin was trading at much less than $500 USD at the time, permitting Poloniex to pay their consumers back really promptly.

Bittrex vs. Poloniex: Which is Better?

Bittrex and also Poloniex are two of the leading electronic money exchanges on the planet, and when it concerns making a decision whether to begin your altcoin journey with either Bittrex or Poloniex, you can feel great that there’s no right or incorrect choice here. Ultimately, both platforms enable you to purchase your coins safely as well as relocate them to their particular purses in a cost-effective as well as efficient manner.

Bittrex does hold the advantage of providing even more coin alternatives. If study is crucial to you, then Bittrex is absolutely the far better alternative for you.

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On the other hand, if high-volume trading or conserving 10 extra basis points in charges is very important to you, after that Poloniex could be the much better option for you.

A mobile app is one point that I feel both platforms are missing out on right now. Bittrex says it’s working on one. On the other hand, Poloniex has actually not stated anything concerning it.

I trade on both exchanges, and I motivate you to do the exact same. They’re both very easy and also totally free to develop an account on, so feel free to attempt them both out.